Mohni Mehto

Kochi is one of the most charming cities in the Southern part of the country, located at the confluence of two rivers; Alleppey and Kochi. Kochi is one of the oldest and largest financial centres in the southern part of the country, as well as the best-selling port in the whole country. Kochi is also famous for being home to the first IT parks in the country, and many a corporate head honcho has got their start in Kochi.

There are many places in Kochi where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, especially during summers when the sun’s rays shine brightly. One of the best places for picnics in all seasons is the Alleppey Botanical Gardens. It is one of the oldest gardens in the country that has been around since 1860. Alleppey Garden is situated near a major railway station in Kochi and it is a great place to grab a lunch or a tea break.

For people looking forward to partying hard all night, Kochi offers plenty of bars and pubs where you can drink away peacefully. Kochi is home to many pubs and discotheques that serve beer and other liquor. Apart from these, there are several clubs and restaurants here that provide for a nice environment for a night out with friends and family. One of the more popular bars in Kochi is the Triad nightclub. The club has various dance floors where people can try out whatever they want to.

Kochi is also home to several museums and art galleries where one can check out wonderful pieces of artwork and other works of art. There are some lovely old museums here where one can have some interesting discussions. One of the important things to note about Kochi is its closeness to major airports in the country. Kochi can be easily connected to other major cities by air and rail, making it very convenient for tourists to move around.

Kochi is one of the most famous spots in India for its beaches. Sunil Grover’s White Beach is perhaps the most famous beach here and is considered to be one of the best in the country. Most of the popular beaches here have white sand on them so that they remain very clean all the time. Some of the beaches here are quite crowded during the peak season and this may make it difficult for you to find a good spot, but if you do your research well, you should have no problem getting a good spot at any time.

Apart from beaches, Kochi is also famous for its wildlife. It is home to monkeys, leopards, deer, elephants and other big animals. Kochi is a prime spot for bird lovers as well, who can enjoy seeing varied species of birds in abundance during their time here. You can also take a walk to the coral reefs of Kochi where you can see thousands of fishes of different types.

If you are a shopaholic, then Kochi is a great place for you. A visit to the flea market will give you hours of entertainment as you go around the stalls with your stuffs. Also, the great handicrafts that you will come across in Kochi will have great value for money. You will not regret spending your money at these places. The best thing is that you will not feel the pinch even if you spend a lot because these handicrafts are made using natural materials which are eco friendly.

There is one more reason that you should visit Kochi and that is the many temples that it has to offer. The city is a religious paradise and has several temples especially for Christians. The best way to spend your time while in Kochi is by taking in one of the many museums or art galleries that are found in the city. You will not find such a large collection of art anywhere else.