Julli Mehra

If you want to experience the ultimate luxury, escorts are an excellent option. These professional and elegant ladies will take care of all of your needs while you’re enjoying your stay in one of India’s 5 star hotels. These ladies are well-instructed, well-mannered, and ready to take care of all of your security concerns.

Depending on the hotel, you can find an Escort in a few different ways. Some hotels have a pick-up bar or restaurant, where you can pay a fee to have sex with a professional. Typically, the clientele of a pick-up bar are males traveling alone or for business, so you can be assured of a high occupancy rate.

Escorts are more comfortable in large hotels than smaller ones. A hotel staff member will be much more accommodating if you tip them generously. However, it can be difficult to get an Escort at a budget hotel. You can ask the staff to bring a professional working girl to your room if you need to. Some hotels require that you pick up the Escort yourself, but others will send a receptionist to greet you when you arrive.

Some hotels use keycards. If you don’t know the rules, call the hotel to find out. If you’re concerned about security, most hotels will assume you’re worried. But if you’re concerned about privacy, they will suggest meeting a worker downstairs or leaving your keycard at reception.